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Thank God It’s Monday(?)


Of all the settings where we try to be real in our faith, the workplace may be the most challenging.

Work often incents people to act very differently than Jesus’ model in the Sermon on the Mount (e.g., “Blessed are the meek” is not a common company mission statement.)

It can be challenging, but the rewards are ginormous if we stick with it. We need to give ourselves grace and find the humor when we fall short. That’s what this book is about.

Take comfort knowing that you’re not alone and get back into the battle (or back on that merry-go-round, if you prefer a wimpier analogy).  

For anyone who struggles to live out their faith at work, this book has stuff about that.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the themes explored in the book?

Tom spends an inordinate number of pages talking about himself, notably how he did poorly living out his faith in common work situations. From surviving business meetings, to navigating business travel, to dealing with bosses, Tom provides a huge pile of cautionary tales.

What credentials does the author have to write this book?

Tom spent decades in the work world, doing a poor job living out his faith at work, so he has lots of anecdotes to illustrate his shortcomings. And he found a publisher who apparently didn’t realize it was publishing a “How-Not-To” book.

Are there any content warnings for the book?

Yes, people who don’t like reading about Tom probably will not enjoy this book.

If I buy the book and start reading it, but have to stop to read a Facebook notification on my phone, is there an easy way to figure out where I stopped reading when I pick it up again?

This pages of the book are conveniently numbered sequentially to facilitate readers’ ease for just those situations. Adding numbers to every page is why the book is so expensive. That feature isn’t free.

Where to Send Your Money

If you want to spend your hard-earned dollars to acquire a copy of Thank God It’s Monday(?), you’re in luck. Major corporations have chosen to accept those dollars, in exchange for sending you a copy. Even better, some neighborhood shopkeepers also participate in this scheme. 

If you want to participate in that money-for-book barter system without leaving your couch, contact one of these middlemen: