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Tom peers through window blinds

Who Tom Is

Tom Petersen is a husband, father, son, and long-time utility communications guy, with two master’s degrees and a deep and bitter jealousy of anyone who has a Ph.D. 

He has been a church elder, nonprofit board member, and homeowners’ association board president, which is just about the worst job in the entire world. 

He has recently transformed his work life, in part, to explore how to better live out his faith at work (mostly because he’s not very good at it). Fortunately, he’s recently made major advances in this area, measuring progress in millimeters instead of microns.


Thank God It’s Monday(?)
– The Book

A long, long time ago, Tom was frustrated at work. He felt like there should be more to work than meetings, emails, and cumbersome expense reporting programs. He thought maybe his faith should have a role, too. So he started writing a blog, then essays that other people ran on their websites. But the dream was to someday write a book. 

That was nearly 20 years ago. In an example of either God’s timing or Tom’s sloth, “Thank God It’s Monday” was released in 2024. 

Billed as “The Definitive Field Guide to Effectively Navigating Faith and Work,” the whole book is full of similar hyperbole and sweeping generalizations. But readers also might find some Scriptural insight, wisdom, and encouragement, thanks to a gracious and loving God.

Learn more about the book and where to buy it.

Thank God It's Monday(?) book cover

Try to Keep Up With Tom

Beyond the book, Tom writes on several other platforms.


The awesome folks at Worklight (formerly Christians in Commerce) added Tom to their editorial board. 


Tom’s daily thoughts show up on his LinkedIn page. Connect with him there.


Tom’s longer-form thoughts often show up on his Substack: His Work In Progress.