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Stuff is Happening

The Latest

Tom has a lot of stuff going on, so you’re smart to check here to keep up with it all. Here are some of the most recent places where his writing has shown up:

Good Faith Media: “Maybe Being the Light of the World Means Laughing More”

WorkLight March Flame Newsletter: “Intentional Meekness”

WorkLight February Flame Newsletter: Week Two Reflection

Substack: A Tale of Two Headshots

WorkLight January Flame Newsletter: Week Three Reflection

Substack: What Is Is Not What Way Assured to Be

Substack: How to Be More Faithful

Substack: In Search of Contentment

Out in Public

Despite his reclusive nature, Tom has begun to step outside – and outside his comfort zone – to engage with the world.

Check out these recent forays:

Guest of RJ Campbell and Dustin Hoog on the Balanced Business Dad Podcast: Podcast | Balanced Business Dad | St. Charles, MO | Men’s Mastermind (

Guest of Scott Warren on the Preach Where You Reach Podcast: YouTube Music

Guest of Ryan Reveley on the Life Rediscovered Podcast: Thank God it’s Monday: An Interview with Tom Petersen